JH series of Electrolyzer

JH series of Electrolyzer

    The patented technology of anode and cathode with new structure is applied in the electrolyzer, it avoids burning board or rectifier accident by short circuit of anode and cathode from the deposition of gold mud, avoids the short circuit of pregnant solution. Electrolysis rate increases obviously . Desorbing time is shortened clearly. With the adopting of special structure and new materials, electrolyzer can endure the temperature of 105℃, the dream of many years that equal temperature electrolysis in the condition of atmospheric pressure no longer needs heat exchanger has became true, and fundamentally eliminates the possibility of accumulating gold in equipment. At the same time, improves operating environment of electrolyzer. New type of the cell is closed, and no exhaust leaks and noise. The electricity consumption can be reduced to below 1200kW•h / t, it is of the energy-saving and discharge-reducing equipment.

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