Research on optimization of the ventilation system and the cooling technology for deep mine mining

Research on optimization of the ventilation system and the cooling technology for deep mine mining

(1) Brief introduction to the achievements
This project was conducted by Changchun Gold Research Institute and Xiangxi Gold Mine as a sub-project of the national key scientific technological projects under the Ninth Five Year Plan, which was entitled as “Research on optimization of the ventilation system and the cooling technology for deep level mining”.
According to the characteristics of deep level mining, multi-levels, and widely distributed working faces, researches on overall indexes of deep mining ventilation and hot environment assessment, design and optimization of the ventilation system for deep mining, and cooling for deep mining and local dust control technology. Through research and tests, the ventilation and cooling technologies for deep mining with unique Chinese features were developed. Breaking through the traditional mine ventilation pattern, this project introduced a new ventilation system of subregions and multi-stations for deep underground mining. Its main features are: the whole mine ventilation system is divided into several zones, and these zones were relatively independent subsystems which connected with the inlets and outlets of the ventilation system. The flow rate of each zone is controlled via multi-stations according operation requirements, avoiding polluted air shortcutting, which makes the running of the whole system sensible. A comprehensive cooling technology that takes ventilation as the main cooling means, combining inlet flow precooling through low temperature rocks and cooling by wet dust control was created. This technology has the advantages of low engineering cost, effective cooling, and easy application.
This project passed technical appraisement by Hunan Provincial Commission of Science in February, 2001.
(2) Main techno-economical indexes
A ventilation system with reasonable net work and complete control facility was built in Xiangxi Gold Mine, which provided key technology to control heat damage in deep level mining, the operation environment in the main working faces reached the national standards, and the overall assessment index for deep mine ventilation was greater than required 70%, reaching at 84.78%.
In this research project, based on the principle of reasonably arranging the functions of shaft and drift, the ventilation system and practical engineering were optimized, which saved 5 million Yuan of engineering cost, a significant economic benefit.
By application of this research achievement, the underground working environment in Xiangxi Gold Mine was greatly improved, and occupational disease and accident reduced as well.
(3) Potential of commercialization
Either in theory and practical application, this project is at the leading position compared with similar technologies domestically and internationally. There are 32 working levels, and more than 120 working faces, which consists one of the most complicated mine ventilation systems. The subregion ventilation for deep mine is the first in China and abroad, which has the advantages of reasonable structure, free of shortcutting of polluted air, convenient air flow control, and cost-effective, opening up a new approach for deep mine ventilation. The combined technology of low temperature rock precooling and ventilation cooling greatly improved the overall assessment indexes of ventilation system.The controlled continuous rational air sampler and full waterproof rock mass thermometer developed during the research and test have been awarded national patents.