Strategical Alliance of Technology Innovations in gold industry recently announced to formation

Strategical Alliance of Technology Innovations in gold industry recently announced to formation in Beijing

Strategical Alliance of Technology Innovations in gold industry recently announced formation in Beijing. Head of China Gold Association, Strategical Alliance of Technology Innovations in gold industry and China National Gold Group Corp., Sun Zhaoxue, highlighted “the establishment of the alliance bears eventful significances in strategical development of China gold industry. It also answers to the big-picture strategical deployment aiming at constructing an innovative nation.”
The strategical alliance, initially put forward to be founded by China National Gold Group Corp., is an innovative cooperative organization administrated by China Gold Association. The first 13 members to enter the alliance include China National Gold Group Corp., Zijin Mining Group, Changchun Gold Research Institute. Besides, 4 colleges and 8 institutes are in. China National Gold Group performs as the director general member.
As is known, gold industry in China has stepped onto a steeply uprising stair of development facing both opportunities and challenges. Gold production of China increases steadily and leads global gold production for five years continuously. The development of exploration, mining, refinement, consumption and investment transaction achieves a whole-chain leap-forward progress, approving a starting success of the gold industry transformation. During the 11th five-year plan, gold reserve has been added by 1500t of which, however, refractory resources occupy over 80%, indicating the properties of low grade, high extraction difficulty and deficiency in economical development in these newly discovered gold resources. Moreover, small scale producers are also lacking in advanced production processes confronting the problems of high costs, high emission, high energy consumption, high pollution and poor technology support. To solve the difficulties faced by the industry, technology innovations come in priority.
It is revealed that detailed technology innovation targets have been identified by the alliance. In five years or more, the main focus will be on such fields as geological research and prospecting of deep gold resources, mining of complex deposits, mining of deep resources, construction of environmentally friendly mines and digitalization, development and utilization of refractory gold resources, protection of eco-environment of mines, and development and application of derivate products of gold industry chains.
It is expected that the establishment of the alliance will significantly push the development of China gold industry, improve the overall industry status and solve the restraints that keep gold industry from growing rapidly. The alliance is devoted to a systematically harmonious development of resources, society, economics and environment, laying solid foundations for future development of China gold industry and making contribution to technological progress of gold resources development and utilization both domestically and internationally.