Study and application of the new technology and equipment for treatment of ...

Study and application of the new technology and equipment for treatment of cyanide contained waste water and gold industrial COD thickness

This project is for the treatment of the gold mine featured pollutants such as  cyanide, cyanide composite, cyanide complex, and cyanide ramification in the cyanide and thiocyanate contained waste water in Jiapigou gold mine, where the mutual effects of oxygen and ozone with higher oxidation-reduction potential under acid conditions after two phase contact and mix of ozonized air or oxygen with the waste solution were studied as the major focus. Meanwhile no other oxidant was added  in the reaction process, avoiding secondary pollution. OOT method was used to treat the disposal waste water with low contents of cyanide and thiocyanate from the drained gold mine tailings dam, achieving simple process, stable parameters, and reliable operation.
The operation practice shows that ideal results are achieved with the general cyanide content in the disposal water being lower than 0.2mg/L, COD content lower than 50mg/L, thiocyanate (SCN-) effectively decomposed, and the utilization of ozone over 95%. Compared with other methods, this method has obvious effects in removal of thiocyanates, cyanide composites, and ferro-cyanide complexes.

This project was awarded the first prize for science and technology development by China Gold Association in 2009