Study on engineering of the flotation system for refractory ores with arsenic, antimony and ...

Study on engineering of the flotation system for refractory ores with arsenic, antimony and organic carbon contents

This project belongs to the fields of application science, which is a study and practice of the technology for mineral processing of refractory gold ores.

On the basis of the characteristics of high contents of arsenic and organic carbon, and fine gold and sulphate particles, the three main factors of the flotation system, i.e., physical-mechanical factors, operation factors, and chemical factors were comprehensively studied and reevaluated, on which technical innovation was taken. The operation practice shown that the operational factors, i.e., technical training, technology management and standardized operation provided good foundation for the successful carrying out of the technology programme; the physical-mechanical factors i.e., the renovation of the flotation flowsheet structure, adjustment of operational conditions of the cyclone and flotator, establishment of standards for steel ball ratio and adding, made the process stable and smooth, improved separation environment, enhanced milling fineness, providing favourable guarantee to increase flotation recovery; the chemical factors, i.e., Sodium n-butyl xanthate and DNJ combined reagents, adding of ST surface active agents, extension of flotation time, were important measures to enhance flotation recovery. The flotation recovery was improved by a big margin due to reasonable research approach and effective technological measures. The technology indexes before innovation were: out-of-mine ore grade: 3.41g/t, concentrate grade: 34.50g/t, concentration ratio: 8.08%, and recovery: 81.80%; while the indexes after renovation were: out-of-mine ore grade: 3.32g/t, concentrate grade: 34.38g/t, concentration ratio: 8.75%, and recovery: 90.62%, an increment of 8.82%. The increased operation value: 8.8809 million Yuan, and the increased profit tax: 4.6633 million Yuan. It provided technology support for Zhenyuan Gold field with a capacity of 2000t/d, which application may produce an annual value of 218 million Yuan, and profit tax of 90 million Yuan.

This project was awarded the second prize for science and technology development by China Gold Association in 2007.